Traffic Ticket Lawyer In Lee’s Summit, MO

If you’ve ever been on the receiving end of a traffic ticket in Lee’s Summit, you know how completely overwhelming it can feel to deal with that on your own. 

Those of us at Missouri Traffic Tickets understand the feeling all too well. That’s why our sole purpose is to help clients navigate traffic tickets with ease and eliminate the stress that typically accompanies the process.

The consequences of violating a traffic law can be confusing, but this guide to hiring a local traaffic violations lawyer makes everything a lot simpler.

Consequences of Traffic Ticket?


Buckle up and keep reading to see how hiring a traffic lawyer like the ones on our team at Missouri Traffic Tickets, might not only save you significant amounts of time and money, but you could potentially walk away from the situation with a blemish-free driving record.

When we represent you in court, you could see results such as:

Importance of A Traffic Ticket Lawyer

It might be tempting to rush and pay off the ticket as soon as possible, but a traffic violation comes with more repercussions than a bill. Your driving record, insurance rates, and future employment opportunities could all be negatively impacted. A skilled lawyer can help you navigate these trials and protect your future.

The uniqueness of traffic tickets is another reason to get someone experienced in your corner. These violations have both criminal consequences and administrative consequences with the Missouri Department of Revenue, which controls driving privileges in Missouri.

Beyond understanding local traffic laws and representing you in court, a reliable traffic violations lawyer in Lee’s Summit is a crucial part of successfully contesting charges such as speeding tickets, failure to stop, careless driving, or DUI/DWI. This is all we do at Missouri Traffic Tickets, which means our focus is dialed in on your specific needs.

Implications of Paying off Traffic Tickets

If you’re wondering whether you should just pay off the ticket and be done with it, the short answer is “No.” Consult with an attorney before going through with this, because there are bigger things at stake. 

Everyone’s driving records and needs are different, but understand that paying the ticket means you are pleading guilty. If you plead guilty, civil, criminal, and administrative actions can all take place that can add points and moving violations to your driving record. If there was a car accident involved that resulted in an injury, it is vital that you consult with a traffic ticket lawyer before entering your guilty plea.

The two most common areas that are impacted by a moving violation in Lee’s Summit are insurance rates and your Missouri Driving Record. Your rates will typically increase and there will be a mark on your record, but some tickets have more serious risks, such as jail time or high fines. Our job is to make sure those risks don’t impact you.

A speeding ticket will increase insurance premiums almost every time. On average, one ticket will increase rates by 20%, and that’s if you have a clean record and no other aggravating factors. This, alone, is enough to make consulting with a speeding ticket attorney more than worth it.

A common concern among Missouri drivers is whether or not they will lose their license. We’re here to tell you that you cannot lose your license after just one speeding ticket, but multiple tickets do accumulate points. If you get enough points by “just paying the ticket,” you could eventually receive a suspension from the Missouri Department of Revenue.

Some offenses do result in the immediate suspension of driving privileges regardless of your prior record, but these are serious infractions such as leaving the scene of an accident or driving while suspended.

At Missouri Traffic Tickets, we have dealt with all types of driving records and traffic violations. We use this experience to create plans to allow Lee’s Summit drivers to keep driving no matter how many traffic tickets they have gotten.

We understand the importance of having a valid driver’s license, and that’s why we’ve kept thousands of points off of our clients’ driving records. In the short term, a bad driving record costs some money, but in the long term, it increases fines and means the loss of jobs. We’re devoted to keeping Lee’s Summit driving legally!

What happens when you get a speeding ticket or another traffic ticket in Lee's Summit?

If you do receive a Lee’s Summit traffic ticket, that ticket will be sent to a Lee’s Summit Prosecuter who will then file the ticket with the court. The court will assign a court date, which is often listed on the ticket, but not always. If the date is not on your ticket, you can check it on Missouri CaseNet.

Some tickets are “plea and pay” eligible which means you do not have to appear in court. If, however, you wish to fight the ticket, you will have to appear in court yourself or hire an attorney to handle the problem. If you do plead guilty, the plea is entered onto the ticket, which is sent to the Missouri Department of Revenue, and then points are placed on your driving record.

Impact on Insurance Rates!

As mentioned above, traffic tickets raise your insurance rates when attached to a guilty plea. Insurance companies see the tickets and consider you a high-risk driver if you have multiple convictions. Even if you have had a relatively clean driving record, insurance companies translate multiple traffic tickets as higher chances of causing an accident. This means they can increase insurance costs whether or not you’re actually high-risk.

A DUI or a DWI are both serious charges that will lift insurance rates and bring criminal penalties down on you. These penalties can lead to administrative suspensions, which is something you don’t want, especially if you need to drive every day for work or school.

As a reminder, these suspensions aren’t just from speeding tickets, but also refusing breathalyzer tests during a DWI investigation. It is important that you hire a skilled attorney instantly if you refused a breath test due to a DWI.

Depending on whether or not a driver pleads guilty, they might be required to maintain SR-22 insurance, which is often quite costly. It can range anywhere from $65 to $130 per month.


1. What does a traffic lawyer in Lee’s Summit do?

We help you fight any traffic tickets or other violations you get in Lee’s Summit, Missouri. We also work to protect drivers’ rights and records.

2. How can a Lee’s Summit Traffic Lawyer assist with speeding tickets?

A Lee’s Summit traffic lawyer helps to prevent any loss of driving privileges and increased insurance rates that come from points on your license.

3. Can you help me defend myself if charged with a DUI or DWI offense?

We can! If you’re charged with a Missouri DWI offense, we are able to challenge breathalyzer results and represent you during any hearings. We negotiate terms with the prosecutor, and we have been successful countless times over all of Missouri.

4. Does hiring an attorney drive up my overall fees when looking into fighting a ticket instead of paying it off?

There are attorney fees, of course, but it’s important to keep in mind that simply paying the ticket could result in speeding fines plus increased insurance rates. You will spend less overall by hiring an attorney in most cases.

5. In which specific areas around the wider region can you help?

Our lawyers are licensed to practice all across Missouri.

6. Where is the Lee’s Summit Municipal Court located? 

Lee’s Summit Municipal Court, 10 NE Tudor Rd, Lee’s Summit, MO 64086

7. Where is the Jackson County Courthouse located?

Jackson County Circuit Court, 415 E 12th St UNIT 300, Kansas City, MO 64106

Keep yourself safe by hiring a traffic lawyer who is well-versed in the local laws and courts.

Get comfortable driving again!

Need Help With a Traffic Ticket?

Our team at Missouri Traffic Tickets has a track record that is impressibly stocked with reduced and dismissed traffic violations. Since you’re innocent until you’re proven guilty, you should contact us even if you think you’ve committed an offense.

We represent you in court so that you have the best possible chance of walking away from your ticket no worse for wear. To get started, we just need some basic information. 

  • Your name
  • Email address
  • Ticket information
  • Driving record
  • Driving License number

Once we have this and the details of your case, we will need time to examine the facts and create a plan. If we’re able to help, we will get in touch and over payment options. Once the required paperwork is signed, all you have to do is give us the required documents, pay the court costs, and appear in court should the need arise.

We always work our hardest to prevent a criminal record and any convictions, but if a guilty plea is unavoidable, we will still do everything we can to reduce the ticket as much as possible.


If you have any questions or would like more information, contact our Joplin, Missouri, law office to discuss your situation and get a free consultation.