Traffic Ticket Lawyer In Kansas City MO

Have you ever been on the unpleasant end of a traffic ticket in Kansas City and felt completely overwhelmed? Trust us at Missouri Traffic Tickets; we get it. All we do at Missouri Traffic Tickets is help our clients when they are faced with those troublesome slips of paper and we understand your frustration with traffic tickets. 

Trying to navigate the confusing consequences of traffic laws can feel overwhelming, but there’s no cause for alarm. This comprehensive guide on hiring a local traffic violation lawyer sheds some light on traffic ticket complexities for you. 

So let’s buckle up and explore how hiring an experienced traffic ticket lawyer, like the attorneys with Missouri Traffic Tickets,  could not only save your time and money, but also potentially rescue your driving record from costly driving suspensions. The team at Missouri Traffic Tickets can represent you in court, potentially:

Importance of a
Traffic Ticket Lawyer!

Rushing to pay off that traffic ticket might be tempting, but have you considered the repercussions on your insurance rates, the impact on your driving record and the impact on future employment? A skilled traffic ticket lawyer in Kansas City can help navigate these implications and offer necessary guidance through the often confusing process.

Traffic tickets are unique in that they have both criminal consequences as well as administrative consequences with the Missouri Department of Revenue, who controls your driving privilege in the state of Missouri. 

From understanding local traffic laws to representing you in court, a reliable KC traffic violation lawyer is crucial for contesting charges like speeding tickets, careless imprudent driving offenses, failure to stop or DUI/DWI charges. It is all we do at Missouri Traffic Tickets. 

Implications of Paying Off Traffic Tickets

Should I just pay my traffic ticket? The short answer is no, but consult with a traffic ticket attorney before making that decision. Everyone’s driving record and driving needs are different, but it is important to remember that when you pay a traffic ticket you are entering a plea of guilty. When you enter a plea of guilty there are criminal, civil and administrative actions that can take place.  This can add points and moving violations to your driving record. If there was a car accident that resulted in injury it is extremely important to consult with an attorney before entering a plea of guilty. 

There are two places that a moving violation impacts Kansas City drivers. First, a moving violation will usually impact insurance rates. Secondly, a moving violation will impact your Missouri Driving Record with the Missouri Department of Revenue. These are the most common consequences for a Kansas City ticket, but some tickets can include the risk of jail time or high fines. Our job, as an experienced traffic attorney, is to decrease those risks. 

Will a speeding ticket in Kansas City, Missouri increase insurance premiums? The short answer is yes! A simple speeding ticket will on average increase insurance rates 20%. This assumes a clean record and no other aggravating factors. That is why it is important not to let a speeding ticket ruin a clean driving record. 

Can a driver lose their driver’s license from speeding tickets in Kansas City, Missouri? Not from one! Speeding tickets are two or three point violations with the Missouri Department of Revenue. If you get a Kansas City Municipal Ticket and “just pay” it, it could be two points on your Missouri Driving Record. If you do the same in Jackson County, it could be three points on your Missouri Driving Record. These points are cumulative, meaning if you get too many tickets a license suspension can be handed down by the Missouri Department of Revenue. 

Can a driver lose their license from one ticket? Yes, there are some offenses that can result in immediate suspension of driving privileges the first time. This includes leaving the scene of the accident or driving while suspended offenses. 

At Missouri Traffic Tickets we are experienced at dealing with all types of driving records. Our goal is to put in place a plan for clients that no matter how many Kansas City traffic tickets one receives we can keep them legal to drive. 

At Missouri Traffic Tickets we understand the importance of having a valid license to get around Kansas City. We have kept thousands of points off of our clients driving records. Because we know a bad driving record costs money in the short term and long term from increased fines, increased insurance or in the most extreme cases job losses. We want to keep Kansas City driving legally! 

What happens when you get a speeding ticket or another traffic ticket in Kansas City?

If you receive a speeding ticket from the Kansas City police department or another local law enforcement officer that ticket will be sent to a Kansas City or Jackson County Prosecutor. They will then file the ticket with the court. The court will then assign a court date to the matter. Oftentimes it will be the date listed on the ticket, but not always. Individuals can check their court date on Missouri CaseNet. As of November 2023 all Kansas City Municipal tickets are listed on Missouri CaseNet. 

Some Kansas City tickets are “plea and pay” eligible. 

 Individuals who don’t have an attorney will have the option to appear in court and fight the ticket in a Kansas City court or enter a guilty plea. If a plea of guilty is entered on a traffic ticket it will then be sent to the Missouri Department and placed on your Missouri Driving Record.

Impact on Insurance Rates!

Getting a traffic ticket raises your insurance rates. Insurers may see you as a high-risk driver if you end up with multiple convictions for traffic offenses. When insurers see more traffic tickets they believe it means a higher chance of causing an accident. Thus, insurers use traffic as an opportunity to increase individuals’ insurance costs, even if they have had a relatively clean driving record. 

A DUI/DWI charge makes it worse. Not only do these charges lift insurance rates, but they also bring criminal penalties and can lead to administrative suspensions. You don’t want that, especially if you depend on your car daily for work or school runs.

Remember this doesn’t include just speeding tickets, but also refusing breathalyzer results during a DWI investigation in Kansas City, Missouri. It is critical to hire a skilled attorney right away if you have refused a breath test because of a DWI.

Depending on what a driver pleads guilty to they might be required to also maintain costly SR-22 insurance. The cost for SR-22 insurance can be anywhere from $65 to $130 dollars per month on average.

Potential Impact
On Employment Chances!

Speeding tickets can be a big problem for your job. If you drive for work, like in a delivery, commercial drivers, taxi job or ride share, it can hurt your chances of getting hired or maintaining employment. Every employer is different and has different requirements for clean driving records, but at times a bad driving record can be a bar to employment or promotion. 

Ultimately, employers want to hire “low risk” individuals for insurance reasons. Thus, might think you’re not safe on the road and decide not to hire you if you have tickets and convictions on your driving record.

Also, unwanted points on your driving record from traffic violations impact insurance rates. Too many points may lead to loss of coverage. That is rough news if your job involves driving! But don’t worry, we are here in Kansas City to help fight any traffic tickets that threaten your livelihood!

How a Traffic Lawyer Can Help

A traffic ticket lawyer vastly assists by reducing the penalties associated with your ticket, helping you to avoid unnecessary disruptions in your daily life. They also possess strategies for preventing an unwanted hike in insurance rates.

The role of an attorney is crucial in maintaining a clean driving record and preserving your driving privileges. 

Reducing Ticket Penalties

Our job as experienced traffic attorneys is to make your life easier. Here are ways Missouri Traffic Tickets helps handling traffic tickets penalties:

  1. We negotiate for you. A skilled Kansas City traffic lawyer knows how to talk with the prosecutor. They can get your ticket amended to a non-moving violation and work to decrease impact of the ticket.
  2. We work to stop insurance rates from rising. A non-moving violation usually does not raise your insurance rates.
  3. We help keep points off your driving record. In Missouri, getting too many points leads to a suspended or revoked license.
  4. If accused of a DUI/DWI charge, they understand the technical aspects of breathalyzer results and other field sobriety tests that may affect your case.
  5. The right lawyer has expertise in local laws and experience with Kansas City area courts.
  6. We want to protect your job opportunities! Some employers check driving records before hiring.
  7. We save you the time of having to go to court! Most traffic tickets can be resolved by your attorney without you ever needing to see the judge. 

Avoiding Unnecessary Inconvenience

We know dealing with traffic tickets is a hassle. Almost any traffic violation requires a lot of documents. A Kansas City traffic lawyer can help by cutting down this stress. They handle the whole process and make sure you don’t miss any step.

This way, you avoid things like lost papers or missed court dates.

They will also save you time! You may not have to appear before the judge for minor issues like speeding tickets. This cuts out one more stressful event from your life. Trust us, having a skilled lawyer on your side is worth it.

Stopping Insurance Increase

We all know how bad it can be when car insurance costs go up. A traffic lawyer can stop rising insurance premiums after a ticket. They fight for you in court. This means the points on your driving record may not go up.

No points or moving violations mean no increase in insurance rates. Stop such costly penalties with a good lawyer by your side! Call us for a free consultation today.

Why Choose a Kansas City Traffic Lawyer?

Choosing a Kansas City traffic lawyer means getting expert representation from professionals deeply versed in local laws and experienced with handling cases at traffic courts in and around Kansas City, smoothly navigating the legal system for the best outcomes.

Get answers to the most common questions about hiring a traffic lawyer, such as costs, case resolution timelines, and whether you need to appear in court.

Cost of Hiring a Traffic Lawyer

Hiring a traffic lawyer can help save you money in the long run. We will quote you a flat rate fee for your speeding ticket. There is no cost to inquire about your case. If you hire us, we will save you the time and money of making court appearances and costly convictions. So even though hiring a traffic lawyer might seem costly at first, it could save you from higher costs later on. Our goal is to bring value to our clients in representation. 

Time Required for Case Resolution

Your ticket case may take a bit of time to solve. It could be two weeks, or it might stretch up to several months. All this hinges on the courts and your unique position. So, we have to plan our actions carefully for each case.

We also count on your patience while working out the best outcome for you. At anytime if you have questions about your case please don’t hesitate to contact our office. 

Court Appearance Requirement

You might have to go to court for a traffic ticket in Kansas City. This depends on the type of ticket and individual courts. Our lawyers are comfortable to defend you in any court in Missouri. 

We help you get things done on time, all you need to do is give us the required documents, pay the court fees on time, and appear before the court when and if required. 

Usually we are able to resolve tickets without court appearances.


1. What does a traffic lawyer in Kansas City do?

A traffic lawyer helps fight a ticket or other traffic violations you may get in Kansas City. They work hard to protect driver’s rights.


2. How can a KC Traffic Lawyer assist with speeding tickets?

A KC traffic lawyer helps prevent the loss of driving privileges and increased insurance rates from points on your license due to speeding tickets.


3. Can you help me defend myself if charged with a DUI or DWI offense?

Yes! If charged with a Missouri DWI charge we can help challenge breathalyzer results, represent you during Driver’s License hearings, and negotiate terms with the prosecutor. We have successfully defended countless DWI’s throughout Missouri. 


4. Does hiring an attorney drive up my overall fees when looking into fighting a ticket instead of paying it off?

While there will be attorney fees involved in fighting a ticket, keep in mind that just paying the ticket could result in speeding fines lumped with increased insurance rates over time which might cost more! In most situations hiring a traffic attorney saves money and avoids other strict consequences. 


5. In which specific areas around the wider region can you help?

Our lawyers are licensed to practice in Missouri. That means we provide services across all Kansas City areas on the Missouri side, including Jackson County, Cass County, Bates County, and Clay County.  We can help in towns like Liberty, Lee’s Summit, Gladstone, Independence, Blue Springs, and more!

6.Where is the Kansas City Municipal Court located? 

Kansas City Municipal Court, 511 E 11th St, Kansas City, MO 6410


7. Where is the Jackson County Courthouse located? 

Jackson County Circuit Court, 415 E 12th St UNIT 300, Kansas City, MO 64106

Keep yourself safe on the road. If you get a traffic ticket in the Kansas City region, hire a traffic lawyer who knows local laws and courts.  

Make driving worry-free again!

Need Help With a Traffic Ticket?

Our team at Missouri Traffic Tickets has an impressive track record of reduced and dismissed traffic violations to show for our efforts. You’re innocent until proven guilty. So, even if you think you committed traffic offenses, you should consider giving us a call! Let us protect your driving record. 

We’ll represent you in court so that you have the best possible chance of fighting your traffic ticket with minimal effort on your part. To get started, we’ll collect basic information from you, such as:

Once you give us the details we need to examine your case, we’ll let you know if we’re able to help and what your next steps are. Then, we’ll go over payment options and sign the required paperwork. All you need to do is give us the required papers, pay your court costs, and appear before the court if your ticket requires a court appearance on the court date. Most cases we can resolve without personal appearance. 

We try hard to prevent a criminal record and convictions. However, if we must plead guilty, we will get your ticket reduced as much as possible. 

After that, leave the hard work to us! We’ll put our years of experience to good use and fight on your behalf.