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If you’re reading this, a patrolman may have caught you running a red light or a stop sign in Missouri. Such a traffic violation usually results in a failure-to-stop ticket plus points on your driving record.

Keep reading for more information about stop-sign traffic violations—and what to do if you have incurred one.

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Stop-Sign Violations
in Missouri

What are stop-sign violations in Missouri?

All motorists in Missouri must come to complete halt before a stop sign or a flashing red light, which acts as a stop sign. You will usually see a limit line indicating where you, as the driver, must stop. If there is a crosswalk at the stop sign, the driver must come to a full stop before entering the crosswalk.

Failure to completely stop violates Missouri Laws Section 300.270, and law enforcement officials can charge the driver accordingly.

What happens if I get a stop-sign violation in Missouri?

The law deems a stop-sign violation a Class C misdemeanor in Missouri, punishable by a failure-to-stop ticket plus fines and court fees.

However, depending on the circumstances, you may receive a charge of careless and imprudent driving, especially if your driving results in an accident that causes bodily harm to another person. This elevated charge carries higher fines and possible jail time.

If your failure to stop results in someone else’s death, you could also face:

  • a $1000 fine
  • six-month loss of driving privileges
  • escalated charges of vehicular manslaughter
How can I defend myself against a stop-sign violation charge?

If an object—such as a tree branch—was obscuring the stop sign and kept you from seeing the sign, you may have a case to contest the stop-sign violation charge. If so, you should seek the assistance of an experienced stop-sign attorney. Also in more serious cases, we are able to obtain dash-cam video that shows whether or not an individual came to a complete stop.

Red-Light Violations
in Missouri

What are red-light violations in Missouri?
Missouri has two traffic-light laws that officers often flag drivers for violating:
  • Left-on-red rule. Although some states will let you turn left on a red light, depending on the situation, it is always illegal in Missouri to turn left on a red light.
  • Right-on-red rule. While you can typically turn right after stopping at a red light in Missouri, you must always check to ensure that no pedestrians or other vehicles are in your way.
What happens if I make a red-light violation in Missouri?

Red-light violations fall under the same regulations as stop-light violations, resulting in a Class C misdemeanor, a failure-to-stop ticket, and possibly one-point added to your driving record. All the same potential charges and penalties apply.

As with stop-sign violations, if you are driving recklessly, you may receive a careless and imprudent driving charge.

How can I defend myself against a red-light ticket?
You may have a case to contest your failure-to-stop ticket if:
  • The light was malfunctioning or remained red for an abnormally long time
  • No other person or motorist was approaching as your vehicle entered the intersection on a red light
  • You came to a complete stop and there is direct evidence supporting that claim.

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If you ran a red light or a stop sign, you may be able to contest your case and get the fees and charges dropped or reduced, depending upon the circumstances. There are numerous ways a case may be negotiated in order to avoid points.

While you can attempt to challenge a traffic violation on your own, we recommend hiring a traffic attorney with experience in your jurisdiction. Our firm of trusted attorneys, with 20-plus years of experience in traffic law, practices through out Missouri. It would be our pleasure to handle your case in court.

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