Traffic Ticket Lawyer in University City MO

Those of us who have gotten a speeding ticket know that it can be a stressful experience. Citations such as these result in hefty fines and points on your driving record.

Our attorneys at Missouri Traffic Tickets have been serving University City, Missouri for long enough to know exactly how to minimize the repercussions of such an event. A traffic lawyer is exactly what you need to keep your record squeaky clean.

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Consequences of Traffic Ticket?


The system Missouri uses is based on points. When a driver gets a ticket, points go on their driving record. Once a certain number of points are accumulated within a certain amount of time, the license suspended or revoked.

You can probably guess how your life would be impacted if you were to lose your license. If you have work or school, things would be quite on hold.

Something as seemingly minor as a speeding ticket could lead to problems such:

Failure to respond to a citation will eventually lead to an arrest warrant, which is why it’s crucial to get the matter handled promptly.

A free consultation with a lawyer who is experienced in Missouri’s traffic laws is just what you need to eliminate the hassle and stress of dealing with a ticket on your own.

How a Traffic Ticket Lawyer Can Help

Traffic laws are tricky. However, with an experienced traffic citation attorney, your case can be put forward in a compelling way. A strong case in your favor can result in:

If your citation is either dismissed or reduced, it will mean less money out of your pocket and, potentially, no points on your driving record.

You can authorize an attorney to act on your behalf and represent you in court. When you do this, you will save yourself many things such as:

Many people make the mistake of trying to represent themselves in court. Doing this might seem like the less expensive option, but, in truth, you’re likely to end up with a negative court ruling and all the associated costs, as well as having to pay for the original ticket.

The best way to save yourself the expenses and the headache is to consult with one of our traffic lawyers about your situation.

Traffic Ticket Lawyers in University City, MO

If you have recently received a traffic violation in University City, Missouri or a nearby county, we are here to help. Our law office serves cities all over Missouri and we do it well.

Our law office has only the most experienced traffic ticket attorneys working on your cases. Our goal is to provide you with the best care so that speeding tickets and other traffic violations stay off your driving record. No one will even know the infraction occurred.

If you have any questions or would like more information, contact our University City, Missouri, law office to discuss your situation and get a free consultation.