Pythian Castle

Located in Springfield, Missouri, Pythian Home of Missouri is an interesting attraction to visit. The castle was built in 1913 by the Knights of Pythias and later owned by the United States military. The building served as a medical center for Italian and German prisoners of war during World War II. While in the U.S., many of these men were sent here for rehabilitation. Today, the historic building houses educational and entertainment facilities. You can visit this attraction at 1451 E Pythian St, Springfield, MO 65802.

The first purpose for the castle was as a charity home for children of members of the Order of the Knights of Pythias, the first fraternal organization chartered by Congress. The lodges spent $100,000 on the construction of the castle in Springfield. After World War II, the Pythian home served as a hospital unit and orphanage. After the war, the lodge was converted into a social club for injured veterans.

While a stately building, Pythian Castle is also home to a haunted past. In the 1940s, it served as a prison for soldiers and prisoners of war. Hundreds of men and women committed suicide at the castle, and many of these men were tortured. The ghosts in the castle impersonate living people and deliver fatal premonitions. This is why some of the residents are afraid of visiting the castle, even in the middle of the day.

As a Knight in the Pythian lodge, Cherry’s father died in 1917, leaving behind seven children, including two daughters. One of her older brothers, Frank, ran away from the castle when he was 16. He supported himself until the age of military service and threatened to leave the town if he was sent back. The remaining four children remained with their mother, who had to cope with the strict rules set up in her home.

The Pythian Castle is a former prison and has been home to several prisoners of war. It is now a state-owned property, and it is open to the public. Tours of the medieval building are popular and are available every day of the week. The history of the castle is fascinating, and you can learn more about it at the museum. You’ll be surprised at how quaint this Victorian mansion was, and what made it a landmark.  Another cool local landmark can be found here.  

There are no longer any prisoners in the prison, but they still stay in the building. In addition to their former lives, the Pythian Castle has also been a place of rebirth and recovery. The building once housed children who were abused and tortured, as well as a number of suicides. The current residents of the castle are still unsure how long the buildings have been in use, but a short tour of the castle will make the entire experience much more meaningful.  Need help with a ticket?  Click here to connect with our staff.