Fairview Missouri Municipal Court Info

Fairview Missouri Municipal Court Info

The Fairview Municipal Court is responsible for handling tickets issued by the Fairview Police Department for violations of the Fairview Municipal Code. This could include things such as traffic and vehicle violations, fire prevention and protection, courts and jails, and more.

Where is the Fairview Municipal Court?

The address for the Fairview Municipal Court is:

123 E. Main St.​

Neosho, MO 64850

Fairview Municipal Court hearings are held at the Newton County Courthouse:

123 E. Main St.​

Neosho, MO 64850

What Type of Cases Does the Fairview Municipal Court Handle?

The Fairview Municipal Court is a court of limited jurisdiction in the 40th Judicial Circuit of Newton County. Fairview Municipal Court handles cases where an individual is accused of violating a Fairview Municipal ordinance. The Fairview Municipal Court handles cases such as:

What Type of Cases Does the Fairview Municipal Court Handle

  • First offense DWI’s
  • Speeding tickets
  • Careless and imprudent driving tickets
  • Driving while suspended
  • Driving without a valid license
  • Other miscellaneous traffic tickets.

It is important to attend court dates failure to do so can result in a warrant for arrest, loss of driving privileges,

Can an Individual Avoid Going to Court in Fairview Municipal Court?

An individual can hire an attorney to take care of their matter. In most situations the Fairview Municipal Court will excuse an individual’s personal appearance when charged with a traffic ticket if they have an attorney representing them.

Second, you may be able to go to the court during normal business hours and enter a plea of guilty. It is important that a plea of guilty could result in points and a conviction on a criminal record.

Some offenses require personal appearance or an attorney to appear on the defendant’s behalf.

If an individual can’t make it to their court date, who do they contact?

It is important that an individual make their court date. If someone misses court there is a likelihood they will receive a warrant. However, an individual should contact the court if possible.

One of the biggest reasons for hiring an attorney to handle a Fairview Traffic Ticket is that they can appear on their clients’ behalf. Oftentimes, an experienced traffic ticket attorney can resolve a case without a client ever needing to appear in court.

Does Fairview Municipal Court Have a Probation Office?

Yes, the Fairview Municipal Court has supervised bench probation for some cases. Nearly every Fairview traffic ticket does not require supervised probation.

What laws does the Fairview Municipal Court enforce?

Fairview Municipal court is responsible for enforcing the Fairview Municipal Code. These are the laws passed by the City of Fairview, including traffic and speeding ordinances.

See the link below for the Fairview Municipal Code.