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Family law cases require a unique level of compassion and understanding. At Worsham Law Firm, attorneys work with clients to fully understand their circumstances before offering a solution. We offer services in a number of areas, including divorce, child custody, child support, alimony, and legal separation.



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Kids personal protection

Kids Protection Plan

If you do not have legal guardians named for your children and something happens to you, a Judge will decide who raises your kids. Take matters into your own hands today.

If you are not sure who you want to name as legal guardians for your children, our site will walk you through a foolproof process to help you choose the right guardians to raise your children if you can't be there.

This is a FREE resource to legally document who you want to care for your kids in the case of an emergency or sudden death.

child custody legal help

Child Custody

Ages: 18+

The issue of child custody can turn into a messy situation. A divorce lawyer from Missouri Traffic Tickets can represent you to help resolve the matter. It is a difficult situation to handle because it also is one of the most important matters. There are two different kinds of custody that will have to be determined by court orders. Legal custody involves which parent will have actual authority to make major decisions in the life of the child, such as religious gatherings, education, and other elements that deal with the welfare of the child. Physical custody involves whose home the child will live in for the majority of the time.

child support cases

Child Support

Child support is the payment of the non-custodial parent to the custodial parent to help with the costs of the child. Children are highly valued in divorce situations and their best interests are made first priority by the court.

divorce legal support


Divorce is a distressing process that is typically hard on almost everyone involved. Filing for divorce can be extremely difficult without the help of a lawyer who is able to protect your rights.

It is important to be informed of all steps of the process prior to proceeding.

uncontested divorce

Uncontested Divorce

An uncontested divorce can be accomplished when the decision to divorce has been reached by mutual agreement. This kind of divorce has a better chance of ending positively rather than having entirely negative results.

contested divorce

Contested Divorce

A contested divorce is for couples who cannot agree on elements of their separation. The court typically has to take the reins because either one party is arguing that there are no grounds for divorce or there is no agreement between the two parties.

alimony & maintenance payments


Alimony, or maintenance, is an important aspect of almost any divorce. It is the payment from one party to the other. The amount to be given and received is based on the discretion of the court. Considerations, such as the length of the marriage, can greatly affect the amount of maintenance given.


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